Asus p526

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Price: 7999

Asus p526 is a brand new pda with almost 1 year warranty left 1 week used with full box pouch and all acessories including the carkit and gps stand.

winner of the best ergonomic design awards its the fastest pda with wi-fi , crystal brite screen, lucid camera pictures and blazing fast insternet speeds on wi-fi, ASUS a german taiwanese company already a pioneer name in computer spare parts and motherboards has come up with the best windows mobile till date in terms of ergonmics and features ....also featuring the best gps functionality available right now in any windows phone, light weight smart excellent looking windows 6.1 professional loaded the best device in its class and also has all office applications and other features preloaded.

for further info plz txt back on 9870 10 9870

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